Mission: SelectQuote Insurance Services

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Our Part. Since the first launch, the site is updated every two weeks. In addition, we’ve introduced a content management system so that SelectQuote can update critical content without any involvement from developers.

The Goal. To completely redesign the SelectQuote.com web site to reflect the major evolution in the company’s internet presence and strategy – with an eye toward building a larger, more efficient online sales channel.

Today, SelectQuote has transitioned all new web site development and maintenance work to Propulsion Labs. Not only have we continued to deploy new changes and updates to the site, we’ve also built web sites for the new companies SelectQuote has started – SelectQuote Auto & Home, SelectQuote Senior & SelectQuote Benefits.

A bigger customer base, expanded possibilities and a more empowered client: mission accomplished!

The Client. Founded in 1985 and based in San Francisco, California, SelectQuote Insurance Services sells term life insurance products in the United States. SelectQuote sells term life, level term life, and return of premium term life products of various insurance companies.
The Mission. To create a site that can be quickly and easily updated by the client without additional web support. Updates occur about once every two weeks.