Open Files on Propulsion Labs Agents

Security dictates that we can’t fully expose our agents’ details. Full files will be open to the public in January of 2047, per Act of Congress a43228-ERGO289ab, Volume IIXX. This is what you need to know:

Jake Harris, President & CTO


Jake is a technology executive with 17 years of experience leveraging innovative global internet solutions to drive business results. He is a pioneer in the field of web site development with a track record of creating and launching award-winning sites for top companies. He is a motivational, hands-on leader with proven success in building and managing teams of technical professionals to achieve on-time, flawless delivery of concurrent initiatives. A child prodigy/nerd, Jake started programming at the age of 9. He attempted to offset this by becoming a DJ in San Francisco in later years. But he realized there was no fighting his true talent. Master in technical jujitsu.

Marty Soliz, President & COO


Marty is a former retail executive with 15 years’ experience creating in-store and web marketing programs that generated substantial revenue gains for top brands. He possesses a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from UCLA with a corporate retail background in brand, creative services and art direction. Currently, Marty oversees all operational and non-technical aspects of the business. He also splices plant genes in his backyard laboratory. In addition, Marty’s a secret interior designer, rearranging furniture through a highly-controlled government experiment in telekinesis. His mind is a registered weapon.

James Vaught, Senior Software Engineer


James is a very seasoned Software Engineer with over 17 years of traditional and web development experience. He has worked in the financial, newspaper, tax, insurance, printing and medical industries, with a focus on backend communication and database architecture. He is a motivational, hands-on developer with proven success in building and managing complex systems. He has worked for multiple startup companies and worked in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle. Takes no prisoners.

Kareem "Ali" Mir, Software Engineer


Hailing from Australia, Ali has crossed oceans to help Propulsion Labs toward their ultimate goal. Ali graduated from Central Queensland University, Sydney with a masters in Information Technology. His experience in the programming field has only strengthened his natural inclinations toward coding. His enthusiastic love for cricket is second only to his development talent. Eats complex algorithms for breakfast.

Myron Wells, Software Engineer


Michael Wood, Software Engineer


Tyler Vaught, Quality Assurance Manager


Peggy Riley, Creative Director


Peggy has been involved with design and web site management since the early dotcom days of the 1990’s. With a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from San Jose State University, Peggy has put her degree to work at high-tech start-ups, online publishing companies and ad agencies. With a clean and simple design aesthetic, Peggy firmly believes good design is always in support of clear and concise usability. Licensed to creatively kill.