Mission #45au89

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We’re sorry. Level 8 Security is required to access this mission.

Our clients depend on our discretion. So while we can’t tell you the details, we can tell you this:

Our Part. We were able to create a single, unified site that seamlessly connected all of the functionality into a simple, elegant interface. We introduced a new product visualization tool to the mix and made it easy to share through email, Facebook and Twitter.

Under the hood, it’s one of the most advanced implementations of its kind. We optimized for the web and then spread it out to mobile devices like iPhones and iPads.

Sorry, we’re not authorized to provide more detail until this case becomes declassified in the year 2032.

The Client. A very well-known Fortune 500 retail company.
The Mission. To redesign a group of unwieldy, fragmented sites into a singular, state-of-the art experience with apps that also extend to mobile devices. In addition, we had to appeal to a variety of audiences who all had different needs.