What makes us the secret weapon our clients turn to when they’re looking for top-notch technical chops to reach their goals?

Our Secret to Software Development

We develop software based on a set of principles that we believe produce optimal software:

  • Build a strong bond between the business and technical teams
  • Deliver features in an iterative manner every 1-2 weeks
  • Clearly define functionality and verify every detail
  • Use software automation systems to streamline the process (ticket tracking, version control, deployment, regression testing)
  • Take personal responsibility for the code
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel

With these principles, we work in lock-step with our clients and deliver the most appropriate, effective solutions for our clients.

Project Management That Rocks

Our project managers put themselves in our client’s shoes and think about everything from your perspective. We’ll either conform to your current set of processes – or teach you our own. Either way, we pride ourselves on being objective, clear and relentlessly focused on delivering results for your business.

Requirements Definition

If you have challenges defining requirements, an external resource with expertise can provide an objective mechanism for collecting and clearly documenting requirements. We provide an optimal level of detail so that implementation teams know what needs to be done, but have the flexibility to build an elegant technical solution.

Cloud-Based Architecture

We’ve been using the Cloud since its infancy and can provide you with the guidance needed to leverage its benefits without incurring unnecessary risks. The cloud has so much to offer in terms of scalability and savings, but what are the costs? The cloud isn’t right for everyone. Let us help you decide if it’s the solution for you.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile platforms including tablets and smartphones have completely transformed the way people transact and communicate online. They’re redefining the core of what it means to be online. Now you can reach your customers wherever they go – and whenever they’re most likely to interact with your company.

We also have a few Less Orthodox Methods » 

Consulting Services

Business Planning
Competitive Assessment
Interactive Strategy
Data Touchpoint Map
Technology Roadmap
Platform Selection
Agile Appraisal
Productivity Evalution

Sites We Design & Implement

Lead Generation
Loan Application
Debit Card Application

Technologies We Employ

Microsoft .net (SQL Server, ASP.net, WCF)
Java (Spring, Hibernate, Tiles, Struts)
JavaScript – jQuery
WebSphere Commerce